Windows Server 2012: COA label hatred


Seriously, Microsoft?  SERIOUSLY?  You expect everybody to read their product key off of THAT FREAKING LABEL and type it in?

Note 1: on my monitor at least, that image is almost exactly at scale.  Hold up a dime and check on your own.

Note 2: WHY DID I BOTHER BLURRING THAT PRODUCT KEY OUT, NOBODY CAN READ IT ANYWAY.  Also: the actual COA label is roughly 1/3 of that sticker in the image – the odd little gray mottling surrounding it is actually text saying “THIS IS NOT A COA”.  You tear off the colorful bit, which is the entirety of the ACTUAL certificate of authenticity, and is to be pasted onto the computer licensed to run this copy of Server 2012.

Note 3: even if you CAN read the product key (I can, thank you genetics, thank you 20/15 eyesight), you still have to – somehow, from somewhere – figure out that you need to open a Powershell prompt and type in “slmgr.vbs /ipk xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx” to install it.  Oh yeah, and DO type the dashes, because if you don’t, it will tell you the product key is invalid.  Also: don’t forget to open up the Windows Activation screen afterwards and THEN activate.

Note 4: I KNOW YOU HAVE A QA DEPARTMENT, MICROSOFT.  DO YOU JUST IGNORE THEM, OR WHAT?  Nobody, and I mean nobody should have to tolerate this kind of crap.  I find it absolutely impossible to believe that never once did some poor schmuck do a test run through a product installation and say “hey guys, wow, this… kinda sucks.  Like REALLY badly.”

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3 thoughts on “Windows Server 2012: COA label hatred”

  1. Hey Man…. Who are you to complain, my effin windows 8 box has NO EFFIN STICKER AT ALL. Haha. Windows 7 is the same way now btw, u can’t read it. Pro tip: snap a picture with your phone and zoom in.

    it is 100% Microsoft’s fault that my phone is full of product key number pictures now and it is not my fault if I can’t remember which one is mine and which one is windows 7 ultimate, er I mean someone else’s.

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