JRS Systems is an IT consulting firm located in Columbia, SC and servicing small and medium business clients both locally and across the country. I started the business in 1997 while working as the IT Manager for a residential remodeling firm based in Charleston, SC. The business came with me when I relocated in 2001 to Columbia, SC to work as the local technical manager for a national T-1 vendor. In 2003, one of several rounds of telco mergers resulted in several rounds of layoffs – which ended up being one of the best things that’s ever happened to me, because that’s when JRS Systems became a full-time business.

One of the most important things I learned while working in the telco industry was that Robert Heinlein had it right – “specialization is for insects.” Time and time again, I saw customers get frustrated when trying to hire technical specialists, because the specialists narrowed their role down so far that you had to practically already be in the industry yourself, just to know who to call to get something done. I try to do exactly the opposite – I “specialize” in listening to real-world problems and coming up with real-world solutions. You shouldn’t need to be an IT professional to hire an IT professional!

If you’ve got a problem and need help – or would prefer to get the help first, and avoid the problem later – you’re in the right place. JRS Systems sells, services, and manages Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD workstations and servers, from internal small business networks to public-facing internet servers. (Yes, we’ll work on Macs too.) We service local clients in the Carolinas, and also handle remote administration across the USA (and sometimes further). So give us a call at (803)665-0295, tweet @jrssnet, or send us an email with the contact form below – we’ll take good care of you!


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