Disable Twitter vibration on Android (8.0 and up)

Holy CRAP I can’t believe how difficult this was to figure out.

TL;DR: Settings –> Apps & Notifications –> Twitter –> Notifications

Settings –> Apps & Notifications –> Twitter –> Notifications

Now here’s the super crazy part. See all those checkboxes, to turn notifications on or off entirely for various events – Direct Messages, Emergency alerts, etc? Yeah, ignore the checkboxes, and tap the TEXT. Now tap “Behavior”, and set to “Show silently.” You will now continue to get notifications, but stop getting sounds and insanely-irritating vibrations, for each event type you change Behavior on.

Tap event category NAME (NOT checkbox!) –> Behavior –> Show silently

I’ve been suffering from over-vibrating apps, with Twitter being the absolute worst offender, for months. There still weren’t any vaguely decent how-tos today, but I finally pieced it together from vague clues on an androidcentral forum post.


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9 thoughts on “Disable Twitter vibration on Android (8.0 and up)”

  1. FINALLY! I recently stated using the default Twitter app, and this was driving me crazy.

    Works perfect. Thanks!

  2. Holy WOW thank you!! I just about had a nervous breakdown trying to stop the Twitter vibrations. I still want push notifications, but only want sound for a few apps. I thought I was just going to have to set my phone on fire and call it a day.

  3. OMG thank you so much. My previous phones/android versions all allowed the Messages and Phone apps to vibrate and the all other notifications to be silent. Thank you so much.

  4. Wow..you just saved my battery from draining with this help. Thanks and God bless you

  5. Unacceptable how hidden these basic controls are. Just how much time do these developers think we should spend wading through their BS?

  6. Thank you. I’ve been enduring direct message vibration for months believing it couldn’t be stopped.

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