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its-all-burningFor any fellow SimpleInvoices users – here is a godawful monkeypatch which works around the “blank reports” problem in SI.

A little background: the issue is that phpreports, which is long obsolete code SI uses to generate reports, does call by references in a couple of places. Worse, it does it using the eval() function on a variable populated from an object. I threw up in my mouth a little bit just typing that.

I frankly couldn’t be stuffed to chase everything ALL the way down to the end to find the object method which populates the string and fix IT, but I DID write a simple six line “monkey patch” which at least fixes the output so that reports would work.

In library/phpmaker/PHPReportMaker.php, find the following line:

$sRst = $this->_oProc->run();

And IMMEDIATELY after that line, insert these lines:

// this is a godawful monkeypatch to keep the eval($sRst) line from
// trying to do pass-by-reference function calls. This is awful and
// I am not proud, but it does at least get reports working again.
$pcre_pattern = '/\&\$_o/'; // jrs
$pcre_replace = '\$_o'; // jrs
$sRst = preg_replace ($pcre_pattern,$pcre_replace,$sRst); // jrs
$pcre_pattern = '/\&\$o/'; // jrs
$pcre_replace = '\$o'; // jrs
$sRst = preg_replace ($pcre_pattern,$pcre_replace,$sRst); // jrs
// print $sRst; //jrs debug

This changes the function calls eval()’ed in $sRst from pass-by-reference – which looks like myFunc(&$variable) – to pass-by-value – which looks like myFunc($variable). Simple stuff, and somebody should REALLY chase down the actual code which POPULATES $sRst in the first place and fix it in phpreportmaker, but for the moment, this was enough to get reports working again in my SI.

Hope this helped somebody else.

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