Solid State Drives

If you’ve never seen a machine equipped with a good Solid State Drive (SSD)… they’re pretty impressive.  In this clip, I’m putting an Ubuntu 9.10 workstation with an Intel SSD through its paces.

Some of the reason that machine is so fast is Ubuntu – the newest release has some pretty significant disk speed […]

Re-targeting existing .NET apps to a specific runtime version

The good news is, it turns out that even if you’re not the developer of a particular .NET app, you can target it to a specific version of the .NET runtime after-the-fact. It’s not particularly well documented – unless you’re a .NET developer yourself, in which case you should have done this BEFORE your app ever got in front of a customer – but the capability is there. … Of course, one of the challenges is figuring out what the heck runtime version corresponds to a human-readable “version” of .NET … […]


Today I was telling my friend Chris about setting up Xrdp on Ubuntu Linux, and he said “you know, you really ought to write a blog for all the business stuff you do.” At first, it seemed redundant – I’ve been running technical wiki sites for years now – but after I thought about it […]